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Create your supercommunity with original content

Frameit allows you to create an exclusive community, identify your biggest fans and reward them through digital collections powered by blockchain technology.

01Choose the content

Choose the content that will appear in your frames and your fans will collect: special moments, unique creations, etc.

02Define the rewards

Define the rewards your fans will receive: from VIP access to playing private games with you or watch you create music live. The possibilities are endless!

03Launch your collection

Launch your digital collection on the blockchain and identify your biggest fans. Create a supercommunity.

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Dan Hart
Hi y'all! Know of any tool to record YouTube interviews?
I use Zencastr and I edit on Camtasia 👀
Esther Riley
I record it all on Streamyard
Hi! Is the new collection coming out?
I think so! Last time I saw some sneak peaks during the stream 👀
Will Clark
I think they gonna sell out quickly this time!


What's frameit?
Frameit is a platform in which, as a creator, you can easily identify who your biggest fans are through the digital collecting of frames. Thanks to this, you can create a supercommunity with your fans and reward them effortlessly.
What are frames?
Frames are unique digital collectibles that live on the blockchain. They’re composed of images, gifs or videos of creators’ special moments. Any fan can collect them to stand out as a superfan and receive exclusive rewards.
How do frames work?
Frames are sold in packs of 5 and 12 depending on the collection size. Each frame has different rarity traits: common, rare, epic and legendary. As a creator, you can identify who your biggest collectors are and reward them any way you want.
What rewards can I give?
The rewards for collecting frames are defined by the creators and unique to each collection: from VIP tickets for events to unique merchandise or access to a private Discord server. You set the limit!
How are creators supported?
Every time your fans buy a pack from your collection, you get the set price minus a small percentage. Also, when your fans sell your frames in the secondary market, you get a percentage. Forever.
When will it be available?
The alpha version is now available. You can sign up in the form below to get updates.
How do I create my collection?
At first, frameit will be a curated platform, but it will slowly open to every creator. If you’re interested in creating a digital collection with us, you can register here.

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