Mastering the Art of Twitch Streaming: Top Ideas and Tips To Inspire You

If you stream every day on platforms like Twitch, you need great creativity. If you find yourself lacking inspiration, and you don’t have many ideas, you’ve come to the right place! Here are 33 ideas to master the art of streaming on Twitch, so you don’t have to think too much.

But first… why having creative ideas for streams matters?

Twitch is a platform that has slowly become more and more competitive. That’s why having creative ideas for every stream is crucial, because it keeps the content fresh and engaging for your viewers. Otherwise, it can get boring really quickly for your audience.

Having creative ideas for streaming also helps to attract new viewers as you touch different subjects. You never know which idea can go viral! But the best thing about streaming in different formats is that it allows you to showcase who you are in different ways too.

Let’s explore all the ideas.

Reacting to old content

If you’ve been streaming for a while, you could react to the first videos you uploaded. This is fun and, at the same time, it encourages your fans by making visible that you started like everyone else: making boring and awkward content.

Roleplaying in games

This stream idea is about creating a fictional character for a video game with a backstory and generating a universe around them. It’s similar to doing a normal video game stream, but with an interesting twist.

If I lose…

“If I lose…” is a version of “never have I ever” in streaming format. It’s about betting with your followers on something where you need to use your skills (singing, gaming, etc) so you don’t lose something at stake.

For example, you could bet “to be in the top 3 in the next 3 matches or, if I lose, I’ll donate $100 to a charity“. You could also give away subscriptions or whatever you can think of. This will keep your followers hooked on the stream.

If you laugh, you lose (Try not to laugh)

A variation of the previous idea that is seen a lot on Twitch is to watch funny videos that your subscribers send you through chat or Discord and give them a sub if you laugh at the content.

It’s engaging and it’s lots of fun if done properly.

Stupid quiz

An idea that can also be fun for a live stream is to do a stupid quiz from the many that exist: personality, series, etc. A good place to search for them is BuzzFeed.

Reacting to Kickstarter’s products

Everyone knows that there are very interesting and bizarre products on Kickstarter, like that controller that literally drew blood from the player every time they lost health points. That’s why a walk-through this platform and reacting to different products can be very entertaining for a stream.

Higher or lower?

There is a game called HigherLowerGame that involves trying to guess whether a specific term has more or fewer monthly searches than another term on Google. You can try to compete with your audience in the chat and, if they win, you can give away subscriptions, for example. It’s fun and dynamic.

Do something for your community live

You could start designing or choosing merchandise (e.g. stickers, hoodies, etc) on a stream, getting feedback from your fans to know what they like the most. You could also design the rewards and Twitch points system, asking them to add stuff.

Design your dream house in The Sims

A somewhat different stream idea that can be interesting is to spend the entire stream creating the house of your dreams in The Sims builder. You could even build it with your community.

Live Calls

This streaming idea consists of bringing your audience to your Discord server and randomly choosing someone to call them for 5 minutes to chat. You can set a timer between calls and some questions to get to know them. With 10 people, you’ll already have around 1 hour of streaming.

Play a game with an important option changed

Gaming live with certain options changed can be a total challenge. You can play with the screen upside down, in black and white, or with the difficulty at maximum.

Play a 1vs1 with your audience

Do you have a Discord server with your fans? Why not playing private matches with some of them live? You can randomly choose them and make your streaming very dynamic.

Talk about hobbies you had when you were 10 years old

What sports and activities did you do when you were 10 years old? Did you stop doing them? Why? What did you learn from them? It can be very interesting to talk about all of this. Especially if you continue with some of them today.

Reaction to memes

Reacting to memes is something that never gets old. There are websites like where you can check new trendy memes and react to them live. Some of them are hilarious.


An AMA (“ask me anything”) is one of the most common formats on both Twitch and other platforms. It’s all about your audience being able to ask you anything they want and you answering their questions. If you are asked many questions, it can go on for hours.

Hire a freelancer to teach you something you already know

Something that became popular because it’s very entertaining is to search on platforms like Fiverr for someone to teach you how to do something you already know. Some of these people are not in a position to teach anything, and that makes it more fun.

Interview another streamer

Do you have a friend who streams or someone interesting in your life? Do a live interview with them as if it were a podcast. You can also play a game or do a joint activity.

Reactions to your audience’s content

A great way to interact with your audience is for them to send you content in the chat or on Discord (memes, videos, etc.) and react by commenting and giving your thoughts live. We recommend having some content already prepared so it doesn’t depend on them entirely.

Show your set-up live

To change things up a bit, you could show your setup live and explain why you chose each element: keyboard, screen, computer, etc. It’s usually interesting to see that from the audience perspective, especially when many are usually aspiring content creators.

Truth or Lie?

An idea for a streaming session could be to play “Truth or Lie?“. This consists of saying 2 false things about yourself and one true thing, and letting people decide which one is true. It’s usually very entertaining and a way for people to get to know you better.

What did you want to be when you were a grown up?

A cool idea for streaming on Twitch is to talk about what you wanted to be when you were a child. You could even invite different people from your audience to tell their stories too. What went wrong (or right)? How did your plans change?

Take the 8values test live

Few topics generate as much conversation as politics. The 8values test tells you where you are on the ideological spectrum. You could take it live to see which ideology you identify with most. Another option is to do it with votes from your audience to see, on average, how they think.

Play a game you always thought you’d hate

Is there a game that has always been annoyingly difficult for you, so you never played it? It could be a good excuse to do a live stream, playing it with 0 expectations. It can go very well or very badly.

Give advice on something you’re good at

If you’re really good at a game or some activity, you could do a session where you share different lessons you’ve learned, both applied to something specific and at a general level.

News of the week

Although it’s not the most creative thing out there, you could read news live and react to them. You could also go to somewhat more filtered or even fake news sources to have fun.

Talk about something everyone likes but you don’t

You don’t like French fries? Do you like pineapple on your pizza? Talking about this in your streaming will generate debate (and rightly so). Also, ask your audience what they like that others don’t.

Talent show

Anything that includes your audience is always welcome. If you have a few followers or your fans are creators too, you could do a talent show that includes them. This requires some organization, but it will be 100% worth it.

Play Willyoupressthebutton

Willyoupressthebutton is a website that gives you very random hypothetical situations and you have to decide whether you would accept them or not. For example: every time you die, you come back as a Phoenix, but a person 100 meters around you dies. It’s a fun dynamic.

Make a quick tutorial

Make an improvised tutorial of a tool that you use often. It could be for streaming or something unrelated but useful. It’s also interesting for your audience to see what’s behind each live stream: bots, plugins, tools, etc.

Who wants to be a millionaire?

This streaming idea is very interesting: Why not set up a version of the legendary TV Show with your audience? You can launch questions on Discord or even have them join the live stream to participate and win a sub.

Review a list of your favorite TV Shows

What are your favorite TV Shows? You could dedicate an entire stream to talking about the 5 TV Shows you liked the most and ask your audience what theirs are. This will guarantee you a good time.

Talk about upcoming games and react to them

Every year, a list of highly anticipated games for the following year is released. The hype is real, so you can use one of these lists and react to the trailers for each game live.

Invite a fan and teach them

Choose someone from your audience at random to teach them live. From playing games with them to singing together or teaching them to play the guitar. Whether they are pros or totally new, it will be something fun to watch.

Did we give you some light about what to do on Twitch? What do you usually do live? Join our Discord community and let us know!