Fan Rewards: Types and +40 ideas to give to your community

Fan rewards are a great incentive to encourage your fans to support you as a creator. However, choosing the most appropriate ones is not easy. That’s why in this post we will cover the different types of fan rewards and which ones are the most valuable in terms of effort-value.

Rewards: Scalable or Not?

You can give many types of rewards to your biggest fans and there is no limit other than your imagination. But, ideally, you should focus on those that are scalable.

Scalable rewards are those that do not require a lot of effort from you, but at the same time generate a lot of value among your supercommunity of fans. This way, it doesn’t matter if you have 10 fans or 1000, you can reward them all.

Ideally, the rewards that cost you the most time and effort (the least scalable) and that generate the most value should be the most exclusive and difficult to obtain.

Let’s take a look at the types of rewards.

Types of Rewards

Of all the rewards you can give to your supercommunity of fans as a creator, we can talk about 5 different types:

  • Digital
  • Access
  • Recognition
  • Proximity
  • Physical

Each one has its advantages and disadvantages, as well as different levels of scalability depending on the effort they require and what your fans value.

Let’s look at them by their scalability (from more to less scalable):

Digital Fan Rewards

Digital fan rewards have many advantages and their definition can vary, but they usually range from monthly content recommendations to files of your creations (Pro Tools sessions, Photoshop, etc).

The idea is to give a digital bonus that can have value for your community. Do you have a community of musicians behind you? You could give them an e-book/video/etc analyzing different soundtracks from your perspective. Do you know all the secrets of a videogame? Create a guide of 50 tips to succeed in it.

Image by DCStudio

Digital rewards, in general, are quite scalable, as you can create them once and give them to many different people without any extra cost. However, the value varies greatly depending on their content.

Ideas of digital rewards:

  • Weekly content recommendations (music, series, etc.)
  • Wallpapers
  • Creation files (templates, work sessions, etc.)
  • Royalties from your work (e.g., percentage of album streams)
  • Digital collectibles
  • E-books
  • Exclusive content (extra podcast episode, etc.)
  • Behind-the-scenes content
  • Customized avatar (.png file)
  • High-quality content
  • Saved games with your progress

Access Fan Rewards

Access rewards are based on participating in exclusive dynamics for being part of your supercommunity. For example, having access to a private Discord server with you, having early access to a pre-sale, or voting on what content will be released next.

Image by photoangel

Access rewards are quite scalable because they usually don’t run out and generate a lot of value for your fans.


  • Early access to your content
  • Pre-sales (tickets, merchandise, etc.)
  • Discounts (with partners or in your own store)
  • Raffles (games, instruments, tickets, etc.)
  • Vote on next content
  • Vote on merchandise design
  • Private event (concert, live stream, video call, etc.)
  • VIP access to event
  • Private community on Discord

Recognition Fan Rewards

Recognition rewards are those that involve highlighting everyone who supports you in one way or another, especially your biggest fans.

From appearing in the credits of a streaming, video, or even a physical album, to a shout-out in a public tweet or a private message. Your biggest fans are the ones who make it possible for you to continue releasing your content, so they deserve at least a “Thank You”.

Image by Freepik

Recognition rewards are moderately scalable since they usually are automated and have an intermediate value for your fans.


  • Appear in credits
  • Personalized private message
  • Shout out post on social media
  • Special role on private Discord

Proximity Fan Rewards

Proximity rewards are undoubtedly the most interesting ones because they are based 100% on the fan’s experience with the creator. They can range from exchanging private messages to doing a meet and greet to get to know you or analyzing your fans’ content.

Image by Freepik

Unfortunately, proximity rewards are not the most scalable, as most of them require you to dedicate time and effort to fulfill them each time. However, they are undoubtedly the ones that have the most value for your fans.


  • Private chat with you
  • Meet and greet
  • Content proposals
  • Private server to play with fans
  • Follow back on social media
  • Movie nights with super community
  • AMA (Ask Me Anything)
  • Inclusion in voice channel during livestream
  • Proposing the next guest of a podcast
  • Birthday shout-outs
  • Fan content’s analysis
  • Personalized services or tutoring
  • Appearing in your content

Physical Fan Rewards

Physical rewards are the most traditional ones, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t interesting for you and your fans. Having your fans wear a t-shirt showing your channel’s name has great power. Not only will they feel more part of your community, but it’s also a way to promote yourself.

In addition to this, you can give collector’s items related to the content you create.

Image by

However, you have to keep in mind that physical rewards are the least scalable of all because you will have to pay for their production and shipping, and because, by their own nature, many physical objects are limited to a number of items.


  • Exclusive merchandising (T-shirts, hats, etc.)
  • Scripts of your content in physical format
  • Sketchbooks (songs’ lyrics, content ideas, etc)
  • Instrument, microphone, camera, etc
  • Collectibles important to you

Overall, fan rewards can be a fascinating way to give reasons for your audience to support you as a creator and become part of your supercommunity. What type of rewards have worked better for you? Let us know in our creator community!